Restoration Emergency Information Types

FIRELEADS offers a variety of alerts, reports, and information to help you respond to and manage restoration emergencies.

FIRELEADS Inc provides up to the minute text message alerts for each incident including scene information and definition.

Our SMS based Pre-Alerts are designed to alert your responder of a possible incident in progress with more information to follow.

Pre-Alerts come in the form of text message directly to your mobile device.

Our findings and analytics reinforce that a significant number of incidents occur during periods of high traffic during evening and afternoon rush hour. With our Pre-Alert system, your responders can save time, money, and gasoline while staying ahead of each incident and traffic.

FIRELEADS Inc provides incident reports as a summary of an incident with vital information.

Incident Leads come in the form of email messages directly to your inbox. Each lead details the time and location of an incident, cross-streets, synopsis of live details, and pertinent contact information related to occupants and ownership.

Our Leads are prompt and precise, and disseminate directly from our dispatch center in Carson City, Nevada.

FIRELEADS Inc provides a daily summary of incidents and leads. These Daily reports are designed for managers and owners to review all incidents in the past 24 hours at a glance.

With 10 years of data, FIRELEADS Inc is able to produce reports that present analytic information and trends in markets.

This program is designed for insurance companies, agents, and adjusters to review statistical information for the purpose of sales, marketing, and services.

Get your responder a monthly subscription for fire, flood, and structural damage leads in your area. 

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