Our leads

Residential Fire & Smoke Damage

Appliance fires, chimney fires, pot on the stove incidents, and smoke damage.

Commercial Fire & Smoke Damage

Fires in businesses or buildings resulting in major damages.

Wildland Fire

Wildland fire reports summarizing information of large national incidents.

Residential Flood & Water Damage

Sprinkler discharges, water pipe breaks.

Commercial Flood & Water Damage

Water main breaks, sprinkler discharges resulting in major damage to commercial structures.

Structure Damage

Both commercial and residential damage has occurred including car into structures, earthquakes, construction accidents, and structure collapse.


Stay prepared

FIRELEADS Inc reports on incidents from big to small, spanning a variety of emergency restoration response lead types. Leads are available within 30 minutes of a restoration incident start time.

The FIRELEADS Inc Dispatch Center reports residential and commercial structure fire, smoke, floor, and water damage, including general structure damage and wildland fire incidents.

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Pre Alerts

FIRELEADS Inc gives customers the option to be notified via text message as incidents begin of initial incident details, including a size up of the incident scene as the incident occurs, all before the email lead incident report is released. These alerts happen in real time, typically within eight minutes of the incident start, giving you and your business that extra head start.


The incident start Pre Alert informs you when a possible emergency restoration response incident has begun, giving you a heads up in order to prepare your response.


The scene size up Pre Alert offers real time information of what is being reported live from the incident scene, keeping you well informed as you prepare your response.


The incident defined Pre Alert provides a confirmation of the incident type and whether the incident resulted in a necessary restoration response and FIRELEADS Inc will be writing a full incident report.


Pre Alert examples

3/26/2020 524 Francisco Court, Roseville, CA. FD Enroute to possible residential structure fire.

2/22/2020 4727 15th Ave NE, Seattle, WA. FD on scene of working Apartment fire. LTF.

1/1/2020 287 Main Street, Portland, OR. FD en route to possible commercial water incident.

1/1/2020 287 Main Street, Los Altos, CA. FD on scene of confirmed water incident. LTF.

Incident Reports

FIRELEADS Inc provides real time incident summary reports containing detailed information of incidents that are in progress or recently occurred. On average these reports are emailed within 30 minutes of the incident start time.

Our dispatchers take the time to paint a clear image of what occurred at the incident scene, providing our clients with insights to the incident from all angles.


Example report

Incident Number: 3.26.2020.009
Incident Type: *STRUCTURE FIRE* – Residential
Incident Date/Time: 3.26.2020 3:30pm
Incident Address: Sentinel Court, Roseville, NV 98123
Incident Cross Streets: Bangerter Way
Incident County: Douglas County
Incident Notes/Report: Douglas County Fire Department has sent out a structure fire response to this location. Caller reports smoke and flames from the exterior of a residence. FD on scene reports smoke and flames showing from the exterior and into the attic of a two story building and declares a working fire. FD established a water supply with fast attack lines. FD going into fire attack with 2 in and 2 out. FD reports extension to the second and first floor. FD conducted a primary search, all clear. FD reports there is salvage and is requesting an investigator. FD reports sending truck company to the roof for vertical ventilation. FD is on scene, working at this time. FIRELEADS LEAD CONCLUDED.
Owner Information: Mr. and Mrs. Smith ~ Same Address ~ (775) 603-3473 Home Line (775) 603-3473 Cell Phone
Complex/Business Information: NA
Renters/Unit/Suite Information: Same As Owner
Property Information: 5 beds 3 baths 3,046 sq ft single family residential. Built in 1992, owner occupied.
Property Value Last Estimated At: Approximately $655k
Dispatcher: SP

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